Paul Tylak
Animation VO

Hi! I’ve been voice-acting on Oscar-Nominated, Bafta-Winning
and just plain fun animations for over 20 years,
and I still get excited starting every new one!

Recent Work

Checkered Ninja

Checkered Ninja

Sean & Glenn
Little Roy

Little Roy

All the baddies

Capt'n Sharky

Old Bill, Rat & Parrot

Becca's Bunch

Wolfenstein & Others


Some other animations I’ve worked on

Snow Machine

Snow Machine

Luca, Old Man, Others
Boy Mongoose

Boy Mongoose

All Male Voices, Narration


Thor's Hammer
Two by Two

Two by Two

Obesey, Stayput, Chimpy
Louis and the Aliens

Louis and the Aliens

Nag the Alien, Ice-cream man
Joe and Jack

Joe and Jack

Jack, Dad, Nanna, Elvis
Skinner Boys

Skinner Boys

Charles, Obsidian,
Secret of Kells

Secret of Kells

Assuoa and Sergei
Ice-Cream Zig and Zag

Ice-Cream Zig and Zag

Ice-cream man, Pecs and others
Skunk Fu

Skunk Fu

Panda, Rabbit, Snake
Big Cheese Race

Big Cheese Race

Luca, Terrence, Old Man
Planet Cosmo

Planet Cosmo

Gil and Others

Happy Clients 

  • "The Swiss Army knife of voice actors"

    "The Swiss Army knife of voice actors"

    Paul Tylak is the Swiss Army knife of voice actors. He’s incredibly versatile, from accents to impersonations, to wholly original creations, and one of the most energetic performers we know. Paul is always top of our list when we’re casting or being asked for recommendations. So, you can take this as one.

     (Danger Mouse, Zig & Zag, Claude, Oddbods, Little Roy, Kiva Can Do) 

    Ciarán Morrison & Mick O’Hara
    Creators, Producers, Writers
  • "Rare and refreshing"

    "Rare and refreshing"

    Having directed Paul in over 100 separate shows I have found him to be a huge talent and great to work with. He intuitively understands what a Voice Director needs from an artist. Many actors are so busy "acting" in voice sessions that they lose sight of the whole, of the project in hand. Paul combines acting ability with focus on the page. Rare and refreshing.

    (The Amazing World Of Gumball, Norm Of The North, The Skinner Boys) 


    Dan Russell
    Voice Director/Actor
  • "The greatest voice over artist IN THE WORLD"

    "The greatest voice over artist IN THE WORLD"

    Paul Tylak is the greatest voice over artist IN THE WORLD! If that sounds ridiculous, well..... it probably is, but he is the best Goddamn voice over artist I know and I'm a reasonably well-known and successful animation producer, so you can take that to the bank! Seriously, Paul is really very good; he has a massive range, is very funny, he can improvise, and he can act. Paul is also a very good person and a lot of fun to work with, and life is too short not to work with people like that!”

    (Oscar-Nominated Secret Of Kells, Skunk Fu, Song of the Sea, Puffin Rock)

    Paul Young
  • "I know I want to work with him again"

    "I know I want to work with him again"

    After directing Paul on two animated features, I know I want to work with him again! He takes direction really well and produces great characters - never just gives you a 'voice'. Paul can find the humour in anything - in front of and behind the mic - which leads to really funny reads and a great time working the performances. Can't wait to get him behind the mic again!

     (Dennis the Menace, Pingu, Thunderbirds, Octonauts, The Mr. Men, etc)

    Dave Peacock
  • "Incredibly versatile and flexible"

    "Incredibly versatile and flexible"

    Paul is an absolute pleasure to work with. Incredibly versatile and flexible, he's also willing to face new challenges as demanded by the job. I would definitely recommend him to anyone

     (Zig and Zag, Boogie Woogie, Macropolis)

    Joel Simon
  • "An absolute pro"

    "An absolute pro"

    Paul is a talented performer with a great variety of voice characterisations and deliveries. An absolute pro. 

    (Becca’s Bunch, Tilly and Friends, Bob the builder)

    Paul Lynch
    Managing Director
  • "Rare ability to improvise when needed"

    "Rare ability to improvise when needed"

    We enjoy working with Paul, not just for his ability to perform to any brief for accents, characters and impressions, but also his rare ability to improvise when needed, and under pressure. We put his unique skillset down to his experience with live action drama and comedy roles. Paul is reliable, dedicated and easy to be around on long days in the sometimes confined space of sound facilities.

    (Boy Mongoose, Parked, Moondogs, Earthbound)

    Jacqueline Kerrin, Dominic Wright
  • "Gives 100% all the time"

    "Gives 100% all the time"

    I have worked with Paul on many projects over the years and he is a very talented and incredibly versatile actor. He is deeply knowledgeable in his craft and gives 100% all the time. I look forward to working with him again in the near future.

    (The Skinner Boys, Bubble Bath Bay, Norm of The North, Chloe's Closet, Zombie Hotel, Skunk Fu)

    Cathy Ní Fhlaithearta
    Head of Production
  • "The very highest standard"

    "The very highest standard"

    Paul is a fantastically talented voice actor who is an absolute pleasure to work with. His versatility, sense of humour, enthusiasm and professionalism are all of the very highest standard and I would not hesitate in recommending Paul for any voice over or acting work. 

    (Keeping Up With The Calculations)

    Tim Bryans
    Managing Director
  • "He always enhances the projects"

    "He always enhances the projects"

    JAM Media have had the pleasure of working with Paul on many projects. He is versatile, adaptable, accommodating and above all funny! He brings so much variety, passion, personality and humour to his performances that he always enhances the projects. Paul is a wonderful voice-actor, a truly gifted mimic and a brilliant comedian, in fact he's a real stand up guy (pun intended)!

    (Roy, Zig and Zag, Funky Fables, Becca's Bunch, Little Roy, Jessy and Nessy)

    Al Shannon
  • "An immense amount of energy and fun"

    "An immense amount of energy and fun"

    Paul’s versatility, comedic timing, incredibly wide range of accents and the wonderfully unique characters he creates really sets him apart. He just brings that extra magic you really want to each script. Paul does music too! He is a genius at making up the funniest songs! Paul has compèred both of the Irish Animation Awards Ceremonies, and brought an immense amount energy and fun to each event. He just has this gift of making everyone feel really happy!

    (Oggle Park, Spooklies, Millie and Mr.Fluff) and Co-Chair of Irish Animation Awards

    Méabh Tammemägi
  • "He really is the man of a thousand voices"

    "He really is the man of a thousand voices"

    Paul is just amazing.  He really is the man of a thousand voices - and every session with him is the most fun.

    One of the best around!

    (Lily’s Driftwood Bay, Pajanimals, Big City Park, Big and Small)

    Colin Williams
  • "A genuine talent"

    "A genuine talent"

    I have worked with Paul on many animated movies, and  found him to be the consummate professional. The diversity and talent he brings to each project continues to amaze me. Paul can pull a character out of nowhere and make it both real and vivid through the massive range of voices he can conjure and emote. I cannot recommend Paul highly enough. A genuine talent.

    (Two by Two, Thor, Niko, The Snow Machine, The Big Cheese Race)

    Keith Alexander


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Clients include: Paddy Power, Carryout Off Licences, Mercedes, Phone Watch, Vodaphone,
Virgin Media, Microsoft,
IBM, Adidas, Nike,
Amazon, Ebay and many more

Other Work

Home Studio

In studio, in character, in the moment!!

Paul Tylak getting into character for an annimation voiceover

I'm doing what I love most - playing with my voice!

I’m always happy to travel to, or recommend studios to my clients. Also, having a fully equipped home studio, I can produce high quality samples, self-tapes and auditions, in mp3, wav, etc formats and send by email or upload to hosting sites.

Here I am with my old friend Joe improvising accents on Tom Dunne’s radio Show.

Improv on the radio